Scenario Activities

A series of scenarios and accompanying activities have been developed to be used as part of a ‘strength-based approach’ to school-based drug education.

Background information for teachers is also provided on the different substances to help stimulate classroom discussion. As well as improving students’ knowledge about different drugs and their related harms, this can also assist teachers to challenge and correct misinformation.

These scenarios have been designed to introduce and/or strengthen a range of skills including:

  • Identifying risks
  • Decision-making
  • Assertiveness and refusal skills
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Challenging misinformation
  • Help-seeking
  • Evaluating consequences

Alcohol and parties

Nitrous oxide (‘nanging’)

MDMA and music festivals

LSD and other hallucinogens

E-cigarettes and vaping 1

E-cigarettes and vaping 2

Looking for information or support services on alcohol or drugs?

If you or a friend or family member needs assistance in this area, Alcohol and Drug Information Services (ADIS) are available in every state and territory. Each of these are each staffed by trained professionals who can help with your query and provide confidential advice or refer you to an appropriate service in your area.

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