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Watching videos and interacting with visual media are engaging ways to help students learn. To assist teachers in this complex area DARTA has developed a series of educational videos providing information on a range of alcohol and other drug (AOD) topics.

Research has found that to be effective educational videos should not be viewed in isolation. Integrating learning activities before, during or after watching these resources leads to greater learning outcomes and this approach is strongly recommended. Activities, including classroom discussion, can also help correct the overconfidence some students feel about how much they have actually learned from passively watching a video.

A summary of several key points are provided at the end of each video. These can be used by teachers in any accompanying learning activities used to support the use of this resource. Please see below for topics covered in the videos currently available.

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This series of videos provide up-to-date and accurate information on vaping, which has become increasingly popular amongst Australian young people in recent years. As well as a video providing an overview of this complex issue, others examine specific topics such as:

  • Nicotine and vaping
  • Vaping and the environment


Cannabis continues to be the most popular illicit drug used by Australian young people. These videos examine a range of cannabis-related issues that may arise in classroom discussions including: 

  • Cannabis
  • Cannabis and ‘routes of administration’
  • How long cannabis stays in your system
  • Medicinal cannabis


Inhalants are products that when inhaled or ‘sniffed’ can cause intoxication. Education in this area needs to be carefully considered as many of these products are found in households and may lead to ‘copycat’ behaviour. As well as a video providing an overview of this complex issue, others examine specific topics such as:

  • Amyl nitrite or ‘Jungle Juice’
  • Nitrous oxide or ‘nanging’


The first DARTA video looking at alcohol discusses the impact that drinking can have on the teenage brain. It examines what we now know about brain development and why the messages we give parents about teen drinking have changed in recent times.

Looking for information or support services on alcohol or drugs?

If you or a friend or family member needs assistance in this area, Alcohol and Drug Information Services (ADIS) are available in every state and territory. Each of these are each staffed by trained professionals who can help with your query and provide confidential advice or refer you to an appropriate service in your area.

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