To help ensure the community has access to accurate and up-to-date alcohol and other drug information DARTA has produced a range of resources. Many of these have been developed to support our work in school communities.

In recent years, vaping (the use of electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes or ‘vapes’) has become a growing concern for many schools across the country. In response, DARTA has developed a number of resources for both teachers and parents that may assist them in dealing with this issue.


A range of evidence-based resources have been produced that can support the classroom teacher in the development of drug education programs. Some of these are specifically designed to accompany DARTA student presentations. Research shows that a ‘one-off’ information session is not best practice and teachers are therefore strongly encouraged to follow-up the presentation with one or more of the activities provided.

Other resources provide information for all teachers on a range of AOD issues. Many of these examine topical issues and have been designed to support classroom discussions. There are also activities that use a range of interactive teaching and learning strategies that promote active involvement of all students.

Young People

AOD information can be accessed from a range of different sources, many of which are not the most reliable. Research has found that young people are likely to use information obtained from friends, the internet and social media when making decisions in this area.

Some of the DARTA resources for young people are specifically designed to accompany DARTA student presentations, reinforcing the key messages provided during the sessions. Others are ‘stand-alone’, providing factual, credible and accurate alcohol and other drug information in order to help teens make informed decisions.


Adolescence is a challenging time for most parents and many feel as though they are not adequately prepared, particularly in areas such as alcohol and other drugs. Every family is different and there are a range of different circumstances that will dictate how a parent responds to problems that may arise in this area. Having good quality, accurate information is vital.

To assist parents DARTA has developed a range of resources that examine topical issues, empowering them to have open and honest family discussions in this complex area.

Looking for information or support services on alcohol or drugs?

If you or a friend or family member needs assistance in this area, Alcohol and Drug Information Services (ADIS) are available in every state and territory. Each of these are each staffed by trained professionals who can help with your query and provide confidential advice or refer you to an appropriate service in your area.

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