Young Drivers

Restrictions for young drivers in Victoria

Alcohol Passengers Phones Speed Length of license Age
Learner Zero blood alcohol limit (all levels)

Supervising drivers must hold a full licence and are subject to the same blood alcohol requirements as if they were driving the vehicle (under 0.05)

Must not use a mobile phone at all while driving. This includes phones in the hand-free mode, with the loud speaker operating or sending texts messages
(all levels)
Must drive within the speed limit
(all levels)
<21 years
12 months plus 120 hours
21-25 years
6 months plus 120 hours
>25 years
3 months plus 120 hours
Minimum 16 years
< 25 years
no more than one passenger between 16 and 22 years at any time
Minimum 12 months Minimum 18 years
No passenger limit provided each can be properly restrained by seatbelt Minimum 24 months Minimum 18 years

Plates can be displayed interior or exterior, but must always be clearly visible.

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Published 1 July 2019

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