Year 9 Workshop

This workshop for Year 9 students has been developed to complement DARTA’s existing Years 10–12 presentations. It aims to educate and empower young people so as to encourage safe behaviour while socialising and reduce the risks of alcohol-related harm. Most importantly, the workshop promotes positive norms around the prevalence of youth drinking, particularly at Year 9, encouraging the concept of delaying use.

The session is designed to be interactive and is delivered by a new addition to the DARTA team, Ms Kris Bobetic. An experienced facilitator and paramedic for 17 years, Kris successfully piloted the Year 9 program in a number of schools in Term 4, 2018.

To assist you in preparing for DARTA’s visit to your school we have provided some information that may assist you in the promotion of the event, as well as greater detail regarding the content and structure of the workshop.

Kris Bobetic’s biographical information: This can be used by organisers to inform parents about her visit, as well as provide detail regarding her experience and qualifications in this area. Suggested verbal and written introductions have been provided to assist schools.

Further information: A brief abstract describing the content of the workshop has been provided for teachers to use to inform Year 9 parents about the upcoming event. Greater detail is also provided on the aims and objectives of the session, as well as its alignment with the new Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

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