Year 9 Workshop: Student Activities

A number of student activities have been provided that can be used by the classroom teacher following the delivery of the Year 9 Workshop. All have been developed to generate discussion and review the themes raised in the session, e.g., positive norms (i.e., most Year 9s do not drink alcohol), the importance of help-seeking, as well as potential risks involved with teenage parties.

Activity 1: ‘Perceived Norms’: Why do we think so many people do things when they really don’t?
A whole class activity exploring the difference between perception and reality, and how what we believe can affect our decision-making.
Duration: 25 minutes

Activity 2: Make Your Own Mnemonic
An individual activity involving students developing their own safety message around teenage parties and gatherings based on the ACTION mnemonic introduced in the workshop.
Duration: 25 minutes

Activity 3: Golden Rules for a Year 9 Party or Gathering
A small group activity that explores the risks involved with hosting a teenage party and how planning and communication can assist to reduce potential harms and allow young people to socialize safely.
Duration: 20 minutes

Activity 4: Develop a Resource
An individual activity where students examine what constitutes good quality health information and where to find it. Based on their findings they are asked to design their own resource on what to do in an alcohol-related emergency.
Duration: 20 minutes

Activity 5: ACTION Plan
In small groups, students are asked to examine a number of real life scenarios that they may face when socializing. Using the information provided in the workshop, they will be asked to discuss how and when to seek help to ensure safety.
Duration: 25 minutes

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