Vaping Resources for Teachers

Vaping (the use of electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes or ‘vapes’) has become a growing issue for many schools across the country. As part of the ‘Vaping and schools: What do teachers need to know?’ webinar, DARTA has developed a number of resources for teachers that may assist them in dealing with the topic. These are as follows:

DARTA Fact Sheet for Young People – E-cigarettes and vaping – using a series of FAQs basic information is provided on vaping, including answers to ‘Is vaping safe?’ and ‘Is vaping safer than smoking?’

DARTA Fact Sheet for Teachers – E-cigarettes and vaping – this resource examines what we currently know about vaping and its associated harms and has been developed with the specialist health teacher in mind. It also discusses how vaping fits into tobacco prevention and provides some useful links

Vaping Resources for Schools – a list of websites and online resources, with accompanying links, developed to assist schools in the area of e-cigarettes and vaping. Some of these provide detailed programs of work that include lessons plans and PPT presentations, while others contain material that can be used to stimulate classroom discussion

Vaping Resources for Parents – links to resources specifically developed for parents, as well as some downloadable fact sheets on how to talk to their children about vaping and the associated risks

Vaping PowerPoint Presentation – a short presentation providing some basic information on e-cigarettes and harms associated with vaping, as well as the latest prevalence data, i.e., how many Australians have ever vaped and how many have not?

DARTA Scenario Activities: E-cigarettes and Vaping – using a ‘strengths-based’ approach these resources use vaping scenarios to stimulate classroom discussion. A series of accompanying activities have been developed that provide students with the opportunity to develop skills such as identifying risks, critical thinking, decision-making and challenging misinformation


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