In recent years, the use of e-cigarettes or vaping has become an increasing problem for many Australian schools. Unlike other alcohol and other drug issues, vaping has been brought onto school grounds with devices being bought, sold and used in bathrooms and in some cases, classrooms.

As a result, schools have needed to develop policies and programs to assist in the following areas:

  • prevent devices being brought onto, as well as sold and used on school grounds
  • provide prevention messages around vaping to students prior to experimentation
  • provide messages regarding potential harms to those already using
  • provide assistance (referral pathways) to students and their families who have developed nicotine dependence as a result of vaping

It is important that a ‘whole school’ approach is adopted. As well as vaping prevention lessons being provided to students, all staff should be provided with basic information on the issue. At the same time it is vital that information is disseminated to parents, particularly in regards to policies and procedures dealing with vaping incidents that have been developed.

DARTA has developed a series of resources that may assist schools in this area and provide information on vaping for students, teachers and parents.

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