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Vaping is a new phenomenon that most parents know little about. Unfortunately, much of the information available appears confusing due to the current debate around the issue. Public health groups have successfully lobbied government to restrict access to vaping, believing that it could lead to increasing numbers of young people smoking. Harm reduction advocates, however, claim it will assist those who want to quit smoking and save lives.

DARTA has developed a number of resources for parents that may assist them in dealing with this complex area. These are as follows:

DARTA Fact Sheet for Parents – this resource answers the most frequently asked questions that parents have about e-cigarettes and vaping. Special attention is given to disposable vapes bought illegally in Australia that appear to be the devices preferred by young people

DARTA Fact Sheet for Young People – using a series of FAQs basic information is provided on vaping, including answers to ‘Is vaping safe?’ and ‘Is vaping safer than smoking?’

DARTA Information Sheet for Parents: What if you discover your child is vaping? – finding out that your child is vaping can be confronting for many parents. This resource provides information on how to prepare for a discussion with your child, as well as a suggested ‘step-by-step’ process of what you should say to ensure the best outcome

DARTA Information Sheet for Parents: How to respond to common vaping statements – parents are often met with statements about vaping ‘safety’ when attempting to challenge their teen’s use of these devices. This Information Sheet provides some possible responses that parents could use to address such statements

Vaping Resources for Parents – links to resources specifically developed for parents, as well as some downloadable fact sheets on how to talk to their children about vaping and the associated risks

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