Supporting Materials

Once the presentation has been delivered, those attending may request additional information. To assist event organisers some support materials have been provided:

Copies of presentation and list of references: Unfortunately, it is not always possible for DARTA to provide a downloadable version of the presentation being delivered on the website. When possible, however, the presentation will be made available as a downloadable PDF and will be accompanied with a full list of supporting references and additional information. A hard copy of the presentation can be requested by organisers and be provided prior to the event if sufficient time is allowed.

Fact sheets: A series of fact sheets have been written, some of which may provide additional information on topics raised during the presentation. Those attending the session can be directed to these if they want more information or a selection of these can be printed off and distributed to participants after the session.

Useful websites: A list of DARTA recommended websites has been made available that provide good quality alcohol and other drug information to those interested in the area.

Where to get help: A full list of Australian agencies and organisations that provide anonymous and confidential information and advice has been provided to assist with any referrals organisers may have.


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