Student Activities

Here are a selection of Student Activity Sheets that can be used following a DARTA presentation. They all focus on alcohol with the activities designed to stimulate discussion on some of the themes raised in the presentations.

Activity Sheet 1: Three simple activities are provided, each of which encourages students to think about and discuss some of the information they heard in the presentation. Teachers need no alcohol and other drug knowledge to run these activities with their students and is ideal for Pastoral Care or Home Room sessions. It can be used after any of the three presentations but is best suited for Year 10 students.

Activity Sheet 2: This activity involves students reading a true-life story involving young people and alcohol. They are then asked to identify some of the risks that were taken and develop some simple strategies on how these could be minimised. Once again, this can be used with any of the three year groups.

Activity Sheet 3: Suitable for upper secondary students, particularly if they do not receive any other formal drug education lessons, this activity provides a list of ‘safer drinking’ strategies and asks them to identify and then discuss with others which ones they believe are most useful to them. This can be delivered in 15-20 minutes if teachers are pressed for time.

Activity Sheet 4: This activity involves a little preparation with the sheets containing some ‘cards’ that need to be printed off ready for distribution during the lesson. It encourages students to think about the range of factors that can make the difference between a ‘good time’ and a ‘ dangerous time’ when drinking alcohol.

Activity Sheet 5: Used as part of a Year 10 DARTA workshop, this activity can also be used independently by teachers to assess what messages students took away from the Year 10 DARTA presentation. Working individually, with partners and in small groups, students identify key elements of effective health promotion posters and then develop a poster of their own based on a key message from the presentation.

Activity Sheet 6: Once again, this activity is part of the Year 10 DARTA workshop but can also be used independently. Students complete a number of small activities that enable them to identify a range of potential risks when holding a teenage party or gathering (i.e., conduct a ‘risk assessment’) and then develop a set of rules to minimise these risks.

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