Upcoming DARTA Webinar – Saturday nights – more than parties and gatherings: ‘Hanging out’
Tuesday, 7 June 2022

‘Hanging out’ is not a new thing, with most parents likely to remember meeting up with friends in a range of public places when they were in their teens. This type of socialising has never gone away but in recent times many young people prefer to gather at organised events like teen parties, gatherings or sleepovers.

Since COVID, opportunities to get together at these events have become far more limited. This may change, but currently parents continue to be concerned about having groups of teens in their home. Smaller gatherings, maybe, but big parties that were once the staple on a Saturday night are not happening as frequently. As a result, simply hanging out has become increasingly popular.

Research has found that knowing where your teen is, who they’re with and when they’ll be home is the key to keeping them as safe as possible. This can be difficult when it comes to teen parties but when your child is planning on catching up with mates at the local park on a Saturday night it can be almost impossible.

This webinar will examine the importance of friends during adolescence, as well as the risks associated with ‘hanging out’. It will also provide parents with some practical strategies on how to try to access the information they need to try to ensure their teen’s safety as they socialise in this manner with their friends.

Registration details will be made available soon.


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