School Surveys

DARTA has developed surveys examining alcohol and other drug (AOD) issues for a number of school communities across the country.

Based on questions from the Australian Secondary School Students’ Alcohol and Other Drug (ASSAD) survey, schools are not only able to use the results to access current prevalence rates of substance use amongst their students but also to compare these with a national sample. Parents are also surveyed, asking questions regarding their attitudes and values as well as their behaviours around the provision of alcohol and teenage parties and gatherings.

The data collected can assist in the development and provision of more effective drug education, as well as be invaluable in the roll-out of pastoral care programs. Schools have also reported that the survey results have helped them in reviewing policies and practices.

The questionnaires for the two online surveys can be adapted, in consultation with DARTA, to fit the school’s specific needs.

The results are delivered to the school as two final reports in electronic format. Each report includes detailed tables and graphs as well as a thorough analysis of the data collected. A PowerPoint presentation based on the key findings will be prepared for the school if required. Fact sheets highlighting major findings from one or both of the surveys, can also be provided.

The report, information and data collected remains the property of the school.

If you are interested to have DARTA provide this service to your school community, or require further information, enquiries can be sent to

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