“Schoolies’ Week” (or “Leavers’ Week” as it is known in WA) is an event that terrifies many parents of Year 12 students across the country. Schoolies, as it has become better known, has become a major event and, as a result, receives a great deal of media attention.

It has also become a highly commercialised event, with promoters making a large amount of money organising travel and accommodation for Schoolies. Students are bombarded with promotional material at an earlier and earlier age telling them that they need to book early to ensure their place and this can put great pressure on parents who are often not prepared for the ‘Schoolies Week conversation’.

The information provided in the fact sheets below provides some basic information for both the students travelling to Schoolies’ destinations nationally and overseas, as well as for their parents.

It is extremely important that young people travelling to Schoolies know as much as possible about what to expect. It is also vital that parents talk to their teens about the possible risks they may encounter and what to do if something goes wrong, particularly if they are travelling to a foreign country. These fact sheets have been written to assist with that conversation.

Schoolies’ Week: Checklist for Students

Schoolies’ Week: Information for Parents


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