Whenever possible, DARTA presentations will be made available in PDF format for download. Unfortunately, due to copyright and licensing issues some will not be available.

General presentations – from information sessions, conferences and workshops
Survey results – NDSHS and ASSAD reports

If you wish to receive a hard-copy of a particular DARTA presentation that you attended, please email your request to with full details of the presentation, the date you attended and your mailing address. We will endeavour to get a copy of the talk to you ASAP. Please note that it is not possible to email an electronic version of any presentation.


General presentations


Teens, socialising, alcohol and other drugs: Parenting post-COVID-19

  • Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs 2020: What’s happening, what’s out there and how much influence do parents really have? PDF
  • ‘Risk taking’: Why do teens do the things they do? What can parents do to keep them as safe as possible? PDF

  • Alcohol and the teenage brain: “Aren’t they just doing what we did and we turned out okay?” PDF

  • The top 5 questions parents ask about alcohol: What does the research tell us? PDF

  • Teens, parties and alcohol: A practical guide to keeping your child safe PDF
Survey results

National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019
  • Australian secondary school students’ use of tobacco, alcohol, and over-the-counter and illicit substances in 2017

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