It’s been a particularly tough year for the Class of 2020. Not only have they had to cope with the academic pressures of Year 12 under extremely trying circumstances, they’ve also had to deal with the loss of a range of ‘rites of passage’, with some even missing out on formals and graduation ceremonies.

Our young people are remarkably resilient but, unfortunately, some are struggling. To give them some encouragement we asked some well-known Australians for their support. We were thrilled to get a positive response from people from the entertainment industry, as well as sporting heroes, authors and motivational speakers. As a result, you’ll see shout-outs like the ones below popping up on social media over the coming weeks.

If you’d like to add your support to the 2020 cohort, take a photograph of yourself holding a sign which reads ‘Class of 2020 You Rock’ (you can print out a copy of the sign here). Then share it on your social media with the hashtags #classof2020 #classof2020yourock

Let’s see if we can get our photos to ‘go viral’ and give the Class of 2020 a much needed lift as they head into their exams.

Thank you to everybody who agreed to contribute to this campaign but particular thanks go to Dannii Minogue, Sarah Macdonald and Georgie Gardner who were so helpful in accessing many of these wonderful people. Finally, this campaign would not have got off the ground without the advice and assistance of the amazing Charlotte James.

Thanks again to everyone …


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