Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs was released in February 2009 and was  written in response to the stories Paul Dillon has heard over 25 years  in alcohol and other drug education. It provides answers to the  questions he has been asked by both young people and their parents and  also includes solutions to the many scenarios he has heard about from  anxious teenagers who haven’t known what to do when things went bad.

This book shows parents how to talk to their children in a way that  is respectful and reasonable, non-threatening and non-judgemental. It  will help them understand the issues their children are facing, and show  them how to help their kids negotiate a minefield of misinformation and  social pressure in a calm and sensible way to tell them what they  really want and need to know about alcohol and drugs.

To read an extract from the book or to purchase a hard copy please go to Allen & Unwin or try the iBook at the iTunes Store.

A full list of Paul Dillon’s publications is also available.

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