Paul Dillon writes two blogs, each of which is directed at a very different target audience.

Doing Drugs With Paul Dillon

Launched in 2012, Doing Drugs With Paul Dillon was developed to provide him with an outlet to let off steam occasionally! He answers frequently asked questions that he is asked at adult presentations and also makes commentary on news stories of the day, attempting to sort out fact from fiction whenever possible. It allows him the opportunity to provide a little more depth of information than he is usually able to give in a one sentence media grab! He has also used the blog to post items like Opinion Pieces that he has written for newspapers and websites.

The Real Deal On Drugs

This blog has been developed to provide school-based young people with the opportunity to ask Paul questions on all things ‘alcohol and other drugs’, with the first question from a student posted in early 2014. The idea for this blog came about due to the increasing number of email queries he receives from young people who have attended his talks across the country. They can now post their question directly onto the blog, with the answers now being made available to a much wider audience, many of whom are facing similar type of issues.


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