2017 ASSAD data released: School students and alcohol and other drug use

December 2018

The Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) survey examines school-based young people’s use of licit and illicit substances. A PDF version of the 2017 survey results, together with another report examining trends identified in the ASSAD survey between 1996–2017, is available on the Australian Government’s National Drug Strategy website. The findings are mostly positive, particularly when it comes to alcohol and tobacco. The number of 12-17-year-olds who reported never drinking alcohol increased once again to more than one third (34%), up from only one in ten in 1999. Lifetime use of ecstasy had doubled amongst 12-17-year-olds since 2014, however, with 16% of 17-year-old males reporting ever having used the drug.
DARTA has produced a downloadable presentation on these results in both PPT and PDF formats.

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