WA 2011 ASSAD Survey Alcohol Bulletin

At last we finally have the first release of the results of the 2011 Australian Secondary School Alcohol and Drugs (ASSAD) Survey. The Government of WA’s Drug and Alcohol Office (DAO) have released a Bulletin summarising the alcohol findings from the survey for that state. Whether or not these figures reflect what we will see in the national findings we don’t know at this time but they are still very interesting. Overall drinking rates continue to decline but risky drinking is still rising. One particularly disturbing figure is that amongst male drinkers, rates of single occasion risky drinking have risen from 22.8% in 1993 to 40.6% in 2011. Spirits were the preferred drink, with 39.9% stating that this is the form of alcohol they usually drink. The good news was that reported parental supply of alcohol had dropped from 40.7% in 2008 to 28.2% in this survey. Perhaps the message is getting through?

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