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Staff Presentations 2020 

Alcohol and other drugs: What’s happening and how can teachers make a difference?

In an already crowded curriculum with little, if any, professional development being provided, Australian schools are increasingly being asked to deal with a wider range of complex social issues, including substance use/misuse. Using the latest Australian Secondary Students Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) survey results, information will be provided on how many young people report drinking alcohol and/or using other drugs. The presentation will then examine the role schools can realistically play in the prevention of alcohol and other drug use, particularly regarding the development and provision of pastoral care or wellbeing programs. Teachers will be asked to consider their pastoral role and how their actions and relationships with their students can enhance the wellbeing of young people in their care.

School-based young people and alcohol and other drugs: Hot topics 2020

Although alcohol continues to be the most popular and problematic drug used by Australian secondary school students it is the use of illicit drugs such as methamphetamine (‘ice’) that often cause the greatest community concern. Using the most recent data, this presentation will provide information on how many school-based young people report drinking alcohol and/or using other drugs. A number of ‘hot topics’ will also be discussed including ‘nanging’, ecstasy/MDMA and pill testing and vaping, all subjects that have received media interest in recent times. Finally, the school’s role in providing age-appropriate drug education on these substances and the role that all teachers play in building resilient young people will be examined.

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