Quality drug education is not simply about providing information about drugs and the harms associated with their use. Of course, the provision of accurate, up-to-date and credible information should be part of any school-based program, but quality drug education should also assist students to learn how to predict and solve problems, rehearse refusal and coping strategies and make smarter choices based on the information provided.

Finding out what students know, as well as their attitudes towards particular drugs, can help tailor a more effective program of work. Information on the students’ perception of social norms can also help structure more useful activities.

With that in mind, DARTA has developed student quizzes to assist teachers to quickly assess Year 9 students’ knowledge, attitudes and values, as well as perceived social norms on alcohol and cannabis. A supporting document for teachers has also been provided, giving the correct answers to questions (where appropriate), as well as background information that can be used during discussion.

Alcohol Student Quiz
Alcohol Quiz: Answers and Background Information for Teachers

Cannabis Student Quiz
Cannabis Quiz: Answers and Background Information for Teachers

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