Whenever possible, DARTA presentations will be made available in PDF format for download. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions and a number of other issues, there will be some presentations that will not be able to be accessed in this way.

If you wish to receive a hard-copy of a particular DARTA presentation that you attended, please email your request to with full details of the presentation, the date you attended and your mailing address. We will endeavour to get a copy of the talk to you ASAP. Please note that it is not possible to email an electronic version of any presentation.

A full list of references and supporting materials are provided with the DARTA presentations available on-line.

2016 Presentations

Adolescents and ‘risk taking’: Why do teens do the things they do and what can you do about it? PDF

Young people, ‘ice’ and ecstasy: Sorting out fact from fiction. PDF

Parenting styles and their impact on drinking behaviour: What’s the ‘kick-on’ effect for schools and the classroom teacher? PDF
2015 Presentations

Novel forms of ‘smoking’: ‘Shisha’ and e-cigarettes PDF
References and supporting information PDF

Years 7, 8 and 9 parents: Why the ‘alcohol and parties’ discussion is important now! PDF

‘Pills, powders and liquids’: Everything parents should know about ecstasy, ‘ice’ and other illicit drugs in 2015 PDF

Why should I be worrying about alcohol now? 10 simple things primary school parents can do to help ensure their child makes healthy decisions around alcohol in the future PDF

Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs: How much influence do parents really have? PDF
2014 Presentations

2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey: Preliminary findings PDF PPT

‘Temptations’: The role of pastoral care in prevention (or at least delaying!) harm
Keynote presentation delivered at the 2014 AHISA Conference PDF

Teenagers and alcohol: How much influence do parents really have? PDF
References and supporting information PDF

Alcohol issues in Australian society: What can schools realistically do? PDF
References and supporting information PDF
2013 Presentations

Ten years of drug detection dogs in Australia:
What impact have they had on nightlife settings? PDF

2011 Australian students use of tobacco, alcohol and
over-the-counter and illicit substances PDF PPT

Adolescents, brain development and alcohol PDF

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